Student Representative- Louise Cox


I am delighted to introduce Louise Cox, your Student Representative on the university’s Academic Governance Council. Louise is a key voice on the Council, representing the student voice during important decisions about the university.

At University of the Rockies, we are committed to seeking and incorporating feedback from students in all that we do. To that end, we ask you for feedback through multiple means; Course Feedback Forms, End-of-Course Surveys, Student Experience surveys, and Alumni surveys are just a few of the ways that we do so.

However, sometimes, we each want a peer to reach out to with our ideas and experiences. Accordingly, I want to be sure you are aware of Louise’s role and how to contact her! She is eager to hear from you and help contribute insight into ways to make University of the Rockies even greater.

…and now, Louise!

Louise CoxHi, my name is Louise, and I would like to introduce myself as your student representative. My role is to provide the student perspective to the university administration. I can provide this view point from any student, ground or online, at either the Master or Doctorate level.

A little about me. I am in the Doctor of Psychology program concentrating in organizational development and leadership. I have been attending classes since January 2015 both on campus and now online. I am on track to complete classes in September 2017 and plan to start dissertation October 2017. I am an immigrant, a mother, the wife of a deceased military veteran, and self-employed. Most important for you to know about me is my commitment to you, the student. I am passionate about my role as the student representative and truly honored to be in his position. Collectively, we as students can provide to the administration very beneficial information. Advice and data given by students can contribute significantly towards upholding the mission of the university.

How will I provide information to the administration?

Any student can contact me at [email protected] to share their views regarding student related topics. I can bring your opinions to the attention of the AGC, the University’s Academic Governance Council. The AGC convene every two weeks, consists of the university’s academic leadership, and makes important decisions regarding programs and policies to discuss matters related. Input to the AGC is a wonderful opportunity for students to have their voices heard on relevant topics.

As a student representative, I cannot solve any problems concerned with faculty or class-related matters. I urge you to contact your professor as well as your academic advisor directly with specific class concerns. We have awesome staff who help resolve issues or concerns related to your academic progress, schedule, financial options, and other areas of student academic progression. But for anything else that may enhance your learning experience please do not hesitate to reach out. I look forward to hearing from my fellow students.